Let us help you modernize and advance how you care for student-athletes with smart tech solutions.

Step Into The Future

INPOWERiQ solves the two most pressing challenges that athletic departments face today; budget constraints from rapidly shrinking funding sources and skyrocketing costs, and the care, performance, and well-being of your student-athletes.

KONGiQ Athletic Performance Combine Camps

Unlock the athlete within and raise your recruiting profile by attending a KONGiQ Athletic Performance Combine Camp!  Using state of the art A.I technology, you’ll learn things about your athletic body that have never been known before.  The technology measures your overall athleticism and compares you to thousands of other athletes your size, age and gender. This assessment will also indicate areas for improvement and injury risk, and gives you a road map to becoming the best athlete you can be.  This performance camp is essential if you plan on playing sports in college at any level. If you choose, the data can be sent to thousands of colleges around the country.

“It will have a major impact on the future of college athletics…and sharpens our focus on what we care about most – enhanced care, treatment, performance and empowerment of student-athletes.”

Dr. Daryl Gross | Athletic Director

Cal State Los Angeles

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Sample Testimonial | Athletic Director

ACME College



With more than 8000 clients across all businesses, we’ve perfected complex variables focused on HR administration, employee benefits, insurance, tech and data management, and student-athlete healthcare.


Our companies have paid out more than $104 million to colleges and universities for them to reinvest in their student-athlete experience.


Whether the New York Yankees, a small NAIA school, or anything in-between, we view you the exact same way. Our solutions are universally applied and designed specifically for you.

Sports Performance Intelligence with KONGiQ

With INPOWERiQ you will get next generation biometric technology to not only train your athletes to reach their full athletic potential, but you will also be taking important steps to prevent injuries and identify preventative care solutions using our patented AI.

Managing Healthcare & Improving Performance

Health & training are required for top performance. We manage all the back-end details and provide advanced technology to make it easier for you to care for students, eliminating everything your medical staff does unrelated to the actual care.

Back-end Management & Front-end Savings

By applying our technology and expertise, we will significantly lower your rising medical care costs – and if you choose - help you generate meaningful reimbursements you can use to re-invest in your department as you wish.

Authentic & Separate NIL Solution

With authentic users of our KongIQ Sports Performance platform, students can become influencers and spokespeople for something they use to be healthy and enhance their performance – and done independently between the athlete and INPOWERiQ.


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Helping Athletic Departments Thrive & Survive

We do this work because like you, we believe that athletics provides an advantage in life. Working through adversity, competing at maximum potential, and being part of a team are all virtues that give young women and men the opportunity to have great success in life. It is how they become leaders in tomorrow’s world.

We undertsand the hardships that athletic departments across the U.S. are facing, we are committed to helping these critical institutions continue their great work for our youth.